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Crypto Modernization Services

Development and Operations


WPL holds a current International Traffic in Arms Regulation registration with the United States Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls 

Information Assurance and Crypto Modernization

With over 290 years of   combined experience in cryptographic capability development and cryptographic operations, WPL has strategic expertise working with MAJCOMs and COCOMs and other services for complex cryptographic key management and key architecture specification, design, implementation, and validation of strategic and tactical systems.


Bridging the gap between existing system design and the tenants of cryptographic modernization policy and implementation across Military Services, the veteran staff of WPL has existing, positive working relationships with community members including:

  • MILSATCOM Program Offices
  • Cryptographic System Program Offices
  • United States Strategic Command
  • Northern Command
  • National Security Agency
  • Cryptologic Systems Division
  • Air Force Network Integration Center

WPL is at the forefront of major technical efforts for the cryptographic modernization of some of the Nation's critical communications assets supporting our Military and Senior Leaders. WPL plays a key role in the redevelopment of the management and acquisition of cryptographic devices for the entire USAF.

Crypto Modernization Efforts

  • Modifications to the KIV-7M Link Encryptor
  • Advanced EHF COMSEC/TRANSEC (ACTS) program
  • Milstar Time-of Day Encryptor

Voice encryption development support:

  • Vinson ANDVT Crypto Modernization (VACM) program
  • Presidential Networked Voice Communications (PNVC) program
  • Secure Networked Emergency Network (SECN) digitization
  • Early Pentagon Connectivity (EPC) program

Air Force Cryptographic Management:

  • Milstar Crypto Modernization Working Groups
  • Milstar Key Working Group

Other venues relying on WPL for systems expertise:

  • Advanced EHF Security Engineering Working Group (AESWG)
  • Crypto Modernization Initiative Working Group (CMIWG)
  • Nuclear Command and Control Issues Working Group (NC2IWG)
  • Link Encryptor Family Working Group (LEFWG)
  • Tactical Secure Voice Working Group (TSVCISWG)

WPL’s engineers have been involved in development and sustainment of Air Force systems. Our efforts include the evaluation of emerging technologies, and replacement systems, ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

WPL’s Information Assurance (IA) expertise, includes development of the IA CDRLs for evaluation, certification, and accreditation of cryptographic devices and embedments for the AEHF and EPS payloads and their respective cryptographic devices   (KI-54 & KI-56).

Our IA experts include individuals with experience in the development of cryptographic devices, with an extensive history in the development of security critical elements of end-to-end communications systems.